Defects In The Skin Barrier Can Cause Skin Asthma!

Skin AsthmaSkin asthma makes your skin dry. During asthma attack, the dry skin becomes even thicker and drier and sometimes visibly cracked.

These cracks in the skin are access for entry of skin that infects the skin causing more problems.

Apart from dry skin, people who have skin asthma have itchy skin. You tend to scratch the skin a lot.

The scratching of the skin results in darkening and thickening of the skin, especially in areas behind the knee and in the crease of the arm.

Scratching also causes more cracks and breaks in the skin providing entry for bacteria and fungi.

Cracked skin becomes more porous to allergens. Defects in the skin barrier can lead to eczema and psoriasis. People with eczema are likely to develop hay fever and asthma.

A lotion should be developed which blocks allergens from getting through damaged skin. Keeping allergens out of the skin keep your immune system from over-stimulating cell growth giving the skin time to re-create a normal barrier.

Asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis are related. If a family member suffers from one of these, the rest of the members suffer from any of the two. More children are diagnosed with skin asthma these days.

In atopic dermatitis, the skin becomes itchy. Scratching leads to swelling, redness and cracking. Atopic dermatitis is referred to as eczema.

Atopic skin diseases such as eczema together with a runny nose and asthma are commonly associated with skin asthma. A rash can be a symptom of contact dermatitis caused by an allergy that has come in contact with the skin.

Urticaria or hives is considered as symptom of allergy and is often related to drug, food, and latex.

When you have skin asthma, consult the dermatologist who gives antibiotics, anti-itch medications and various creams to apply.

How to reduce skin asthma?

When you have skin asthma, moisturize often as you have dry skin. The cracks should be sealed to prevent skin infection. Moisturize during the day and moisturize after bath when the skin is still damp so that you trap the water.

People suffering with skin asthma have sensitive and allergic skin. So, use mild bath soaps and avoid perfumes on the skin.

Certain foods can cause allergy reaction and can lead to skin asthma. The common food allergens are chicken, eggs, peanuts, and chocolate. To avoid the allergic foods, introduce the foods one by one to see which one triggers a reaction. It is time consuming but you can avoid the food that causes skin asthma.

Whenever you notice skin problems, consult the doctor immediately for the treatment. Your doctor prescribes lotions and creams for skin asthma which can effectively reduce your skin problems.



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