Dogs Reduce Allergies And Cats Increase Them

It’s good news for dog lovers, but bad news if you are a cat lover with allergies – researchers have found that having a dog in the house worked rather like immunotherapy and was able to reduce allergies by as much as 4 times.

reduce allergiesThis same pattern was not seen when it came to having cats in the home, where it was seen that allergic children saw a dramatic increase in their reaction sensitivity.

This study examines the connection between pets and eczema and was published in The Journal of Pediatrics.

The study examined children gauged to be at high risk, due to having parents who were also allergic.

While dog ownership may reduce the eczema risk by as much as 4 years, cat ownership can increase this eczema risk among kids with cat allergies.

In contrast kids with dog allergies were less likely to have developed eczema by age 4 if they had had a dog in the family when they were one year old.

So while having a dog around the house lowers children’s chances of getting eczema, having a cat around the house increases that risk among allergic kids. However, if the kids were not allergic in the first place, having a cat did not increase that risk.



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