Effective Tips to Avoid Allergies while Travelling

Travelling exposes you to numerous things that can bring on allergies and some of them can be really severe. Pollens, certain foods, birds, insects and even fruit bats can bring on allergies. Seasonal allergies usually happen at certain times of the year, and the most common symptoms of getting an allergic reaction is itchy nose and throat, frequent sneezing, wheezing, coughing and even burning eyes.

Many people can even develop asthma while travelling just because of allergies. Here are some useful guidelines that will help you to check the possibilities of allergies while travelling –

tips to avoid allergies while travelling

Homework on your Destination

Check the pollen, grass, weeds, and allergy causing trees of the area where you will be going. Accordingly, take proper precautions!

Medication is a MUST

Do not forget to pack your nasal spray, antihistamines, and antihistamine eye drops. The packs should be full and refills should also be kept ready!

Take the Suggestions from your Physician

Talk to your doctor before you plan the trip and take enough precautions to counter if any allergic reaction starts. If you have asthma these medical precautions are just essential!

Carry Nasal Spray

Take saline nasal sprays in your bag always to keep your nostrils hydrated during the trip. Use it once every hour to wash away the pollens in your nostrils. This will help you to avoid sneezing and runny nose.

Minimize Outdoor Activity

Do not indulge in outdoor activity when pollen levels are maximum, which is between 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. both on windy and dry days.

Wash Hair Regularly

Take showers everyday and wash your hair every night to rinse off the pollens and molds.

Shut the Windows

Keep the doors and windows of your lodge or hotel or car closed and prefer using an air conditioner. Make sure to change the filters at intervals.

Allergy-Free Rooms

Some hotels provide allergy free rooms, try to stay in those and opt for rooms that is sunny and far away from pools. Use clean mattresses, pillow covers and rooms without carpets.

Keep People Informed

You should inform about your condition to the travel authorities and it is even better to carry a medical letter with you so that immediate arrangements can be done if needed.

Be Careful While Dining

Talk personally with the hotel chef or at restaurants and request them to provide you with allergy-free snacks and meals. Wipe your own tray table before use. Don’t use napkins provided by hotel or flight authorities; instead carry your own.

Try for Early Morning Flights

If you board early morning flights you can almost cut down 50% chances of allergy as the premises stay clean and there is no build up of crumbs and dirt all through the day.

Written Information

When allergies strike you crucially, you don’t get the chance to speak and explain to people around you. Thus, carry a note with all the names of the medicines that can soothe you then, your doctor’s and family contact numbers.

Personal Hygiene

This plays a major role; you have to be very careful about what you are using and how clean it is. If needed you can also carry a disposable mask bag while travelling to use it while you are in public places.

The above mentioned tips would surely help you to keep allergies at bay.


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