Fragrance Sensitivity and How to Deal with it

In case you are suffering from sensitivity to any fragrance, just know that you are not alone as large number of people faces the same problem. The fragrance sensitivity can cause various allergic reactions including asthma attacks in some people. It is impossible to always stay away from all types of scents, so it is best to know about how to deal with fragrance sensitivity.

fragrance sensitivity and how to deal with it

Identify the Fragrances you are Sensitive to

In order to identify which fragrance you are allergic to, it is best to keep a journal to note down the place and the smell that caused a problem to you. A systematic record like this can help you recognise the fragrances that you are allergic to.

Address your Fragrance Sensitivity to Concerned People

When you feel the fragrance worn by a friend, co-worker or relative is overbearing to you, it is best to communicate this to the person. You can gently request them to stop using that scent at least when they are in contact with you.

Shift your Sitting Place at Workplace

You can adjust your workstation away from crowded areas to avoid strong fragrances. It is best to keep away from conference areas, break rooms and rest rooms.

Opt for a Change in Shift Time

It is a good idea to opt for worktime earlier than usual time to avoid much exposure in the work place. You can also opt for a work from home through telecommuting if the situation is too bad.

Avoid Face-to-Face Contact

Use technology to your advantage and avoid direct contact with people, so that you suffer less fragrance allergic problems. Instead you can opt for video conference, teleconference and emails to get your work done.

Use Protection

An air purifier and an exhaust fan are essential to keep unnecessary odours away from your room. You can also cover your nose and mouth while you are walking through a place like a perfume counter in a store.

Take Medical Help

It is advisable to consult a qualified dermatologist to get suggestions on how to handle your fragrance sensitivity. They may prescribe some standard medicine that can counteract the strong odour and its allergic effects. An allergist can also be of great help to you in tackling the fragrance issue.

Request for a Fragrance Policy

At your workplace, you can request for a fragrance policy among co-workers to your boss. Although the policies may vary at different offices, you can always request for a general policy regarding strong perfumes or colognes.


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