Identifying A Down Comforter Allergy

Down Comforter AllergyAre you sneezing or coughing at night? Are you developing a skin irritation or a rash that resembles ivy, sumac and poison oak?

Perhaps even some shortness of breath along with some pain? You could be suffering from Down Comforter allergy.

Every so often we feel we have an allergy because the symptoms appear suddenly and then disappear as suddenly but we are unable to identify the source or the trigger of the allergy, which could be something as innocuous seeming as that comfy down comforter that you snuggle down with each night.

If you suspect that it may be your down comforter that is causing you to have an allergic reaction, try replacing the comforter with some other type of bedding for a while and see how that works for you. If your allergic reaction disappears then it is highly likely that you have a down comforter allergy.

If you do find that your down comforter was the culprit causing you those symptoms, then you may want to consider the option of hypoallergenic bedding or allergy control comforters.

There are available imitation down comforters that are as soft and comfy, but won’t cause you the hassle of dealing with allergy symptoms, which may make sense to try out.



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