Is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity An Allergic Condition When Exposed To Chemicals?

Multiple Chemical SensitivityIf you experience multiple symptoms due to your regular exposure to several chemicals, then you are said to be suffering with multiple chemical sensitivity.

This exposure to chemicals can occur as a major event, such as regular use of perfumes, diesel, smoke or petrol.

As a result of this chemical exposure, you can develop sensitivity to those particular chemicals and can experience several reactions after a certain level till which you can tolerate.

Multiple chemical sensitivity is more common among females when compared with men.

In addition to this, about 40% of the people who have developed chronic fatigue and 16% of those who have fibromyalgia can have chances to develop this particular sensitivity towards exposure of chemicals.

Some of the experts consider this disorder to be a psychological cause, probably a type of anxiety disorder which is quite similar to agoraphobia or a panic attack. Other people believe that this multiple chemical sensitivity is an allergic reaction.

In fact, many changes in your immune system can takes place, if you have multiple chemical sensitivity, supporting the idea of allergic reaction. However, these changes in immune system cannot be persistent, among such people having this syndrome and the main cause of the disease still remains unknown.

How it is linked with toxic chemical exposure?

It will be true and fair to say that this syndrome of sensitivity towards chemicals is highly linked to the prevalence of synthetic toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals responsible for the condition are usually present around us.

With a simple physical initialization, whenever your skin or body experiences these toxic chemicals, you can become sensitive to a span of toxic chemicals, which can be difficult or even impossible to avoid in the present modern setting of life.

For an average healthy individual, this exposure towards chemicals doesn’t pose any health risk, but for a multiple chemical sensitivity sufferer, with the same dose of exposure, it can cause all manners of unusual or even life threatening symptoms.

As there is no clinical evidence to this type of disorder, many recognized medical organizations do not consider this MCS as a physical distinct disorder. In addition to this, many of you with chemical sensitivity disorder do not develop any kind of anti bodies in response to this kind of chemical exposure.

So, before confirming any allergic reaction or condition, it is always important to consult any experienced physician or your personal health care provider and take appropriate treatment for your health condition.



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