Know More About Chronic Sinus Problem to Avoid Complications

Are you suffering with chronic sinus problem? Affecting 30 to 40 million people in US, chronic sinus is long term inflammation of sinus cavities that makes health related life of the affected person miserable.

Nasal congestion, throbbing pain in areas around eyes and cheeks are few symptoms of chronic sinus.

chronic sinus problemIf chronic sinus problem lasts less than 4 weeks, it is acute sinus.

Most of the cases of chronic sinus start with common cold symptoms and gradually turn into persistent condition.

Is chronic sinus problem dangerous?

Living with chronic sinus can be really hard and also unpleasant.

Though complications of long term sinus are very rare, it would be better for you to be aware with most serious complications of chronic sinus.

Asthma attack: Persistent or chronic sinus can pose you a risk of developing asthma. Having asthma and sinus infection can lead your life to most threatening condition.

Vision problems: With chronic sinus, mucus secretions get blocked up at sockets of eyes and also it increases the chances of spread of infection to eye socket as well. As a result, you can experience reduced vision or in most severe conditions it also leads to blindness that cannot be treated.

Meningitis: It is an infection that leads to inflammation of fluids and membranes present around spinal cord and brain. This could be very serious condition that can put your life at risk.

Blood clots: Blockage of mucus secretions in sinus cavities and inflammation to the linings of sinuses can cause problems to blood vessels present around the sinuses leading to formation of blood clots. These blood clots hinder with the flow of blood to brain and put you at risk of serious stroke.

How to avoid chronic sinus problem?

Fortunately complications with chronic sinus are very rare and you can prevent these complications with certain simple measures.

Minimize exposure to irritants: Know your triggers of sinus and avoid them in all circumstances. Limit your contact with the people suffering from cold and nasal allergies.

Wash your hands frequently: Before or after or any time if possible, try to wash your hands frequently. This can help you to limit your exposure to potential irritants of nasal cavities.

Manage allergies: If you already have allergies other than sinus problem, then you are at more risk of developing frequent problems with sinus. So, try to manage your allergies in much better way to avoid complications of chronic sinus.

Avoid exposure to tobacco smoke: Cigarette or tobacco smoke worsens the inflammation and makes you experience worst sinus infection symptoms. So, if you have smoking habit, quit it as soon as possible and avoid exposure to smoke.

Minimize exposure to polluted air: Exposing nasal cavities to pollution elements like dust and smoke can increase the chances of inflammation and it can possibly irritate lung cavities as well. So, try to limit your exposure to polluted air and be sure to wear masks while staying outdoors.



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