Learn About The Sun Allergy And Preventive Measures For It!

Sun AllergySun allergy is the allergy which occurs due to exposure to sun light. Some people will be feeling sensitive to sunlight; this problem is known as photosensitivity.

This problem of sensitiveness to sunlight or photosensitivity will produce a rash on your body.

This problem of rash on your skin is known by general term namely photodermatosis.

Most often, an itchy red rash will be obtained on your skin due to sun allergy [Itchy Skin Rash]. The common locations on your body which are affected by the allergy due to the sun are the “V” of the neck, the outside surface of the arms, the back of the hands and the lower legs.

In some rare cases, the skin will be affected a lot with more severe reactions such as producing hives or small blisters which may even spread to the skin in clothed areas. These sun allergies are triggered by the changes that occur in the sun exposed skin.

There is no clear cause or reason why this sun allergy is obtained to you or why your body has developed this reaction. This allergy caused due to sun will be obtained only in certain sensitive people and in some cases they can be triggered by only a few brief moments of sun exposure.

Prevention is better than cure. So, follow proper preventive measures in order to avoid sun allergy.

Here are some measures which help in the prevention of allergy which occurs due to sun:

  • Before going outdoors, apply the sunscreen lotion which has the sun protection factor (SPF) and which also provides a broad spectrum of protection against both ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays.
  • Try to use sun block on your lips. This sun block will give good protection for your lips and try to choose the product that has been specially formulated for lips with a sun protection factor of 20 or more.
  • Don’t expose to the sunlight when the sun is at its peak. Wear sunglasses which can provide ultraviolet light protection. If you have to go out in sunlight try to wear long pants, a shirt which has long sleeves and a hat with wide brim.

These measures will be helpful to you if you are affected a lot with sun allergy. Consult your doctor if you have severe sun burns on your body.



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