Natural Allergy Remedies for Babies

These day parents prefer natural allergy remedies for babies. It is because it’s beneficial to avoid giving babies the chemically synthesized medicines when equally suitable natural remedies are available. Also in all those cases where babies do not take well to the medicines, the only way left is to treat the allergies with natural modes. The allergies in babies have grown in number. They are also of varied types for example food allergies, skin allergies and respiratory/ fever allergies etc. Irrespective to the type of allergy, given the tenderness of babies and their body systems it is preferred to use natural remedies.

Natural-Allergy-Remedies-for-BabiesThere a huge number of natural remedies available to treat the allergies in babies. The remedies vary with the type or allergy. A few examples of the natural remedies to treat allergies in babies are:

  • For cold and allergies like sinus congestion etc. the natural remedies include providing the babies with warm baths. The warm baths or showers help relieve the congestions and get rid of the cold. Sinus etc.
  • When the babies have trouble sleeping due to allergies one way to relieve them is by elevating their head and chest while sleeping. The inclined positions help facilitate natural movement of mucus thus easing breathing.
  • When the weather changes babies are prone to get sick due to various allergies like allergy from pollen etc. ‘Honey’ in such cases comes as a natural remedy for those allergies. Feeding the baby with small amount of honey daily helps build up their immunities to the allergies.
  • Saline wash is also one of the most used natural remedy for allergies in babies. The saline wash helps draw out the allergens from the body. For example saline eye drops or a regular saline wash can be used to treat remove pollen.
  • Elixirs made up of a combination of essence of natural substances are also used for relieving babies or varied allergies. It has been found for example that combination of peppermint, lavender, lemon and coconut oils are used to help toddlers avoid allergic reactions. These do not have anyside effects.
  • In case of food allergies substituting the allergen with some other form of similar protein helps avoid the allergies.
  • Keeping the house and the baby’s surroundings clean is one of the most common and easiest ways to avoid the allergens and help the baby.
  • Making use of naturally made or herbal medicines has proven to be very useful. They do not have any side effects and are thus better than other medicines.


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