New Paint Additive May Help Allergy Sufferers

painting wallsMold allergies are very common. If you suffer from mold allergies, you may one day soon be able to paint the walls of your home with a paint that keeps mold from growing there, making your home a safer haven.

At the University of South Dakota, scientists have invented a paint additive that not only inhibits mold growth on walls, but has also shown the ability to kill disease causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi as well.

The paint was even effective against MRSA bacteria. There are antimicrobial paints currently available, but not that affect as broad a variety of organisms.

During their studies, the scientists compared walls painted with plain latex paint against walls painted with latex paint into which their additive had been introduced.

Mold was then placed on both surfaces. Three months later, the plain latex wall was completely covered in mold, while the scientists could detect no mold whatsoever growing on the treated wall.

This paint may have a wide variety of uses, not only in homes but in day care facilities, medical facilities, and even businesses-anywhere people want to keep their environment free from disease and allergy causing organisms.



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