Nickel Allergy Triggers Could Be Lurking Pretty Much Anywhere!

Any person with a nickel allergy will tell you how very difficult it can be to live with. The simple reason for this is the fact that nickel is so commonly used in such a great number of products that we use every day; even currency!

Though most allergy sufferers will look for the commonly implicated products in a nickel allergy it is an element that may be found in such a wide variety of things the allergen could be in the guise of a wide variety of items. For this reason it is known as the ‘hidden’ metal:

  • It could be something as important and symbolic as a person’s wedding ring that is responsible for triggering their nickel allergy. Even precious jewelry can have traces or even significant amount of nickel.
  • All costume jewelry should be used with care by a person with a nickel allergy; it could be contained in a number of different compounds and alloys.
  • Handles, door knobs, shower heads, water faucets can all have nickel in them.
  • Even personal care items like razor blades could have nickel.
  • In the kitchen, innocuous items such as the fridge, pots and pans, cutlery, the stove, and heating elements could all be potential allergens.
  • Snaps of shirts, jeans etc could also be allergens.


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