Tips to get Prepared for the Allergy Season

The arrival of spring season can get bothersome as it is the season of allergy for those who are sensitive to the affects of pollens after being cooped up during the period of winter season. When the flower starts to bloom you can experience runny nose as well as itchy eyes.

As per the reports of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, about 40 millions of populations suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies over the world. Hence to enjoy the beauty of nature without suffering from the pollens and molds, you need to some precautions as follows.

prepared for the allergy season


Dust can be regarded as the most evident reason of allergy. Therefore before spring knock your door, clean up your entire house to reduce the risk of getting affected with allergy problems.

Be Aware of Dust Mites

Due to lower air circulation at the time of winter season, you have to be careful about the dust mites which have occupied the entire house to get rid of allergic problems.


Pets can really be a serious problem for you if you are suffering through allergic problems. Before entering spring season you have to clean up your carpets, sofas, and bed sheets to lessen the chances of getting affected with the most common allergens like pet dander.

Servicing of Air Conditioner

You must obtain servicing facilities of your air condition to reduce your allergic problems. The filters of air condition may get clogged with dust particles and pollens as the usage of air condition is low during the period of winter season. This process will also help you to curdle down electricity cost as the temperature of your room can easily be maintained.

Prevent the Entry of Pollens

As pollens and other dust particles are very light weighted, they can easily be carried out through air to your house. Hence to prevent their entry you may close your doors and windows which will be beneficial to get rid of allergic problems of spring season.

Taking Bath

Taking a nice bath from the hair to your toe after getting back from outside will assist you to cleanse out those pollens trapped to your hair.

Breathing Exercise

Incorporating breathing exercises to your daily agenda and maintain a healthy diet can be the most effective method to reduce the risk of allergic health problems. This process will help you to detoxify you lungs and hence the reactions of allergens will be lessen.


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