Know the Relationship Between Vog and Asthma

Vog is a type of an air pollution which is formed when sulfur dioxide and the other gases that are emitted at the time of an erupting volcano react with the moisture and oxygen in the presence of sunlight.  The term is most commonly used in the area of the Hawaiian Islands.

As a result of the combination of sulfur dioxide and the oxygen, sulphuric acid and other kinds of sulphates are formed.  It has been proved as a result of many studies that vog is dangerous.  It is infact so dangerous that it tends to trigger asthma attacks in asthma patients.

relationship between vog and asthmaThe following is some more information which establishes a relationship between vog and asthma

While some people say that vog can cause asthma, other researchers have proved that vog doesn’t necessarily cause asthma but only triggers an episode or an attack.  It is a fact that children who lived near or in South and West Hawaii were more likely to be diagnosed with asthma as compared to others who lived on the other parts of the island.  If not asthma, these kids were more prone to have bronchitis which is a fact that proves that vog is dangerous and causes several respiratory issues.

Thus if a person has asthma and is exposed to vog, then his/her condition is most likely to worsen.  It means that the symptoms of asthma like breathlessness, coughing, sneezing and others were likely to increase or worsen.  Some other symptoms of being affected by vog include sore throats, headaches, wheezing etc.

Vog is carried on by the trade winds in the southwest parts of Hawaii and is trapped in the Western Hawaii region eventually.  But during the winter months, when the trade winds are not present, Vog tends to linger on in the East Hawaii region.

The sulphuric acid and the other sulfates which are produced as a result of the reaction between sulfur dioxide and other gas with oxygen is known to inhibit the amount of oxygen which the lungs can process and this is the reason why vog is considered dangerous for asthma patients and those who suffer from other respiratory problems like bronchitis.  SO2 gas is a bronchial irritant and it is thus best for people with asthma to avoid their trip to Hawaii in the summer months.  Being close to the volcanic gas isn’t advisable even for the people who live on the island.


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