Remodeling? Pointers For The Allergic

Sometimes we don’t realize how many of the allergens that impact us are found around the house.

Make sure that you know what the allergy triggers are for you or your family members and keep the following in mind if planning to remodel as per a helpful list set out here:

  • Cut out carpeting where possible, particularly in the basement
  • Solid wood flooring is excellent, MDF and engineered products, not so much
  • Porcelain sinks in the bathroom are easy to clean and don’t grow mold
  • Use special microfilters and HEPA/Ultraviolet air treatment systems if possible
  • Get ductwork cleaned professionally
  • Control humidity in the home and keep storage material dry
  • Use low-VOC paints
  • Perform moisture checks
  • Use leather rather than upholstery
  • Take pointers from your allergist about the best surfaces for allergies and the best cleaning products for them as well


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