Secret Allergy Triggers Revealed

You could blame weeds, trees, and grasses if you start itching, sneezing, coughing, and wheezing this fall.

But the usual suspects aren’t the only triggers. A host of household items — candles, chemicals, stuffed animals, and spices — may be the real culprits.

“Many homes are filled with irritants, and if there’s a high enough count of an irritant, you’ll react,” says Christopher Randolph, M.D., an allergy expert and professor of pediatric immunology at Yale University.

Here, a rundown of 11 sneaky suspects — and how to stop them from bothering you.


You can’t be allergic to essential oils — which make candles smell like autumn leaves or dune grass — but their odors can inflame your nasal cavities, according to James Wedner, M.D., chief of allergy and immunology at the Washington University School of Medicine.

“People with nasal allergies have a natural increased sensitivity, so they’re likely to get a runny nose or watery eyes around candles,” he says. “To the person with the sensitive nose, it’s no different than cigarette smoke.”

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