Serious Allergies you Must Know About

What are Allergies?

The constitution of every human being is different. Thus your body will react to certain alien items very differently from that of your friend. You may have seen that your friend avoids sea food because she gets rashes from them and your uncle stays away from cats because he starts sneezing when the felines are around.

This just means that there are certain agents (allergens) that react with their body adversely and affects their cardiovascular and nervous system. At times these reactions can be dangerous and might cause severe difficulty in breathing. You may even need to visit the doctor.

serious allergies you must know about

5 Serious Allergies

Though there are several allergies, the main five types include the following:

1. Food Allergies

These allergies happen if you eat food items like shellfish, peanuts, eggs, eggplants, cauliflowers, and poppy seeds. The allergen in most of these cases seems to be iodine and the foods that are rich in iodine seem to be causing the reactions. You may encounter difficulty in breathing, swollen lips, and even itching all over your body.

2. Animal Allergies

This allergy is caused mainly because of the animal hair. People who are allergic to animal hair often suffer from red eyes, sneezing, redness and rashes all over the body especially when they are near cats and dogs. You may even have this problem if your pet licks you all over playfully. Even mosquito bites can be allergic as they bring the allergens from some other body to yours.

3. Pollen Allergies

Little did you know that the beautiful looking flowers and the falling leaves could be such a hassle. The pollens that fall from the flowers and trees can cause breathing difficulties. You will even have symptoms like sneezing, incessant coughing, rashes and itchiness. But the rashes are not restricted to just your skin and you may even have an irritation in your eyes.

4. Latex Allergies

Some people are also allergic to latex to which their body reacts adversely. You need to understand that you are not comfortable wearing these latex items and must change to something comfortable.

5. Allergies from Clothes and Metal

Just like latex has a negative effect on your body, you may be allergic to raw silk or chiffon. Your skin might react negatively to alloys and this becomes visible when you wear jewelry that is made of metals other than gold, platinum and silver.


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