Stubborn Sinusitis? You May Need Surgery

stubborn sinusitisIf you are suffering from problems with chronic nasal obstruction, post nasal drainage, facial pain, headaches, and smell disturbances, you have probably been diagnosed with a condition which is sometimes called chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, and chronic rhinosinusitis.

If standard treatment is not helping, your doctor may have recommended surgery. There’s good news: modern endoscopic sinus surgery is very effective.

A recent meta-analysis study looked at how well symptoms were relieved by endoscopic surgery.

The cases of more than 2000 patients were included. There has been some concern about how well surgery treated these various conditions, particularly smell disturbances.

The study found that about 60 percent of the patients who were treated for nasal obstruction and facial pain found relief. Around half of the patients experiencing headaches, post nasal drainage, and smell disturbances experienced relief. This is good news for sinus patients.

Modern endoscopic surgery is a much more sophisticated procedure than previous sinus surgery. The endoscopic procedures is not as invasive as previous procedures, and smaller amounts of tissue are removed in modern sinus surgery.

And with the results of these new meta-analysis, you can reasonably expect that you will experience a great deal of relief from your symptoms.



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