The Allergens Lurking In Your Home

allergy1For all those who suffer from allergen irritation, the place to avoid would actually be their own homes.

In our homes there are in fact many types of allergens and in such quantities we would not suspect.

We generally spend a lot of time indoors and there are various types of allergens, which can cause minor irritations and even serious allergies.

In our houses the most frequent allergens are mould spores, dust mites, cockroach, pet hairs and bedding down, you will actually find most of these all over your house, although we cannot see them.

During the winter months many people use humidifiers to help keep the air inside their homes less dry and easier to breath; this will help solve the uncomforting feel of dry air in the house, but will unfortunately help dust mites proliferate.

Dust mites are the most irritating forms of house allergens; they live in warm places, such as mattresses, blankets, pillows and anywhere that offers a warm and humid place to niche in.

These allergens are microscopic spider-like pests that can be found in millions in these favourite spots, and essentially rely on moisture to survive and reproduce.

When using humidifiers, make sure you keep the level of humidity under fifty percent, by using a hygrometer, which monitors the humidity level, this will help you to prevent set up an indoor area, which is over humid and ideal for dust mites.



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