The Western World’s Most Common Allergy, Hay Fever

hay feverThe most common allergy in the western world is allergic rhinitis or hay fever as it is more usually known.

This is caused by pollen from plants, pet hair, mould and dust mites.

Over ten percent of Americans suffer because of these everyday contaminants.

Although affective drugs have been developed to contain the condition, long term sufferers can discover that their nasal passages are badly hit. Recent medicines cannot resolve this worry and careful medical monitoring is required.

The facts were outlined in a recent edition of Otolaryngology, the head and neck surgery magazine. Italian researchers undertook a study of 100 people, equally split between long and short term hay fever patients. Severe nasal obstruction was noted in 72 percent of long term cases. [Nasal Allergies]

The disorder results in a multitude of doctor appointments each year, all seeking relief, from sneezing and congestion, within their nasal passages. Skin redness and inflamed membranes just add to the patient’s misery.

Allergic rhinitis happens when the body’s immune system over reacts, it is not known to be hereditary. If plant pollen is the cause of the hay fever, then a beautiful summer’s day is a very different prospect when you are affected.

Holistic medicine, such as acupuncture, is often sought for a different approach to the problem. It should not be dismissed as many people have found great relief with it.

Although it would need to be intensive, weekly therapy, it may be for several months.

Even herbal remedies can help calm down symptoms and are readily available.



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