Tips For An Allergy Free Hotel Stay

allergy free hotel stayWe may all take a lot of care to use hypoallergenic products at home and to keep allergens such as dust and mold down to a minimum, but what about when you are traveling and are required to stay at a hotel? Here are some tips for an allergy free hotel stay

  • Some hotels do cater to people with allergies and may have hypoallergenic rooms; particularly the higher end properties. So be sure to ask for hypoallergenic rooms in the hotel if any are available.
  • Ask for a room in the highest available floor of the hotel – mold is less likely to grow at the higher levels.
  • Also avoid rooms near swimming pools.
  • If it is a pet friendly hotel, ask for a room that has not had a pet stay in it for at least 30 days.
  • Prior to check in, request that no room fresheners or perfumes be sprayed in the room.
  • Carry your own pillows if possible, as well as sheets and towels.
  • Create an impromptu humidifier in the room if required – let the hot water run long enough to create steam in the room. This will help reduce dryness of the room’s air.


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