Tips For Sinus Sufferers To Make Their Air Travel Comfortable

Air travel for people with sinus infection and cold can be quite hard and painful to experience.

Even if you don’t have sinus infection, if you travel by air regularly, you are more likely to develop sinus infections further in life.

Here are few steps that you have to follow while traveling by air to prevent serious sinus problems.

  1. Use decongestants
  2. Actually, most of the doctors suggest not traveling by air when you have serious sinus infections or ear infections. But, if it is compulsory for you to travel, try to use decongestants before taking flight to overcome the problems of air blockage in ear and nose.

  3. Try chewing gum
  4. It is believed that chewing gum or swallowing something frequently during ascent and decent of flight can help you to get better relief from sinus. Try it once and notice the difference.

  5. Use earplanes
  6. Earplanes are the devices used by most of pilots to get relief from blocked ears and nose. You can use these ear plugs to make the changes in air pressure milder for you and they also help to alleviate severe discomfort of sinus while traveling.

  7. Drink enough water
  8. Ensure that you drink enough water prior getting into flight. This helps you to retain your body moisture and keep your nasal cavities moist as much as possible.



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