Triggers Responsible For Allergy Flare Ups In Seasons

Are you suffering with seasonal allergies? If you are suffering with seasonal allergies, you already know how changing season can disturb your health.

In addition, if you have asthma, the condition will become much critical for you.

Hence, it becomes very essential for you to know all those triggers that can bring allergy flare ups.

Here are most common triggers of seasonal allergies that can bring allergy flare ups.


This is the most common weed plant found in US that can produce pollens in millions and billions every year. Ragweed easily grows along roadside, yards or even on the sides of rivers, lake and also in vacant grounds. It brings lot of problem and allergy flare ups for allergy sufferers in months of June to November.


Molds are responsible to cause allergic reactions in great number. They thrive in moist and warm weather conditions or even in your home itself. You have to be very cautious with mold spores.


Did you ever expect that grass can trigger allergy flare ups? But it is the fact that grasses are highly active in summer season and they are responsible for many allergic reactions. So, avoid the places where you can get in contact with grass.



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