What Cause Allergy? Find How To Prevent Physical Allergies!

what cause allergyAll of us are worried about what cause allergy reaction.

We are trying to avoid the causes of allergy but still suffering with allergies.

Allergy occurs because of the abnormal reaction of the body’s immune system. Are you suffering with allergy? Find out what cause allergy here.

Physical allergy is one of the types of allergies. It differs from other allergic reactions because the trigger is a physical stimulus that affects the immune system.

What cause allergy?

Physical allergy is due to the following factors:

  • Emotional stress or physical pressure
  • Heat and cold air
  • Sunlight
  • Sweating
  • Exercise
  • Minor injuries
  • Vibrations and similar responses
  • Chemicals like chlorine, nickel, and chromium
  • Cosmetics, creams and lotions

What cause allergy is particularly not yet discovered? One thing that has been found is, physical stimulus changes the proteins in the skin. The immune system gives incorrect response thinking it as a harmful substance.

Exercise and sweating causes hives to develop under the arms, behind the legs, on your face and wherever sweating develops. Due to exercising, it causes asthma to flare up.

What cause allergy-symptoms:

Because of the abnormal protein in your blood, you will become sensitive to cold and indicating a serious condition such as cancer or chronic infections. Some of the severe conditions will attack to those people who are susceptible to cold. These conditions are:

  • Hives
  • Asthma
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Swollen tissues under the skin
  • Itchy eyes and redness around them causes a severe condition known as “chrolinergic urticaria”. It is due to the result of exposure to heat and the activities that cause sweating.
  • Skin blotches, angioedema and connective tissue disorders are the severe symptoms of physical allergy.
  • Pressure or vibration can also cause urticaria.
  • Due to chlorinated water or other chemicals in the water cause aquagenic urticaria.

What cause allergy- diagnosis:

Diagnosis for what cause allergy depends on the symptoms and under which conditions allergies occur. In diagnosing hives it is very important to consider when the hives appear and what cause allergy hives.

The doctor can test the reactions caused by cold by putting an ice cube on the skin for 4-5 minutes. After removing the ice cube you can observe the development of hives on your skin. Based on this condition the doctor will suggest the particular treatment for the disease. Further skin tests and review of your sensitivity may reveal what cause allergy reaction.

What cause allergy-treatment:

  • Avoiding the causes for physical allergy is the first treatment.
  • Try to get relief from stress as much as possible by avoiding it. Yoga practice will help you to get relief from stress.
  • Epinephrine, antihistamines, and cortisone-like drugs can help to relieve from physical allergy.
  • Urticaria may be treated with antihistamines such as Benadryl or Desloratadine.
  • Itching can be controlled with cold packs and medications like antihistamines and cortisone.
  • To remove hives from the cold Chproheptadine will help.
  • Hydroxzine is for the hives caused from heat or emotional stress.
  • Avoid the sunlight as much as possible and always use sunscreen lotions when going out.


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