Allergy Tests, Regular Check Ups And Medications For Treatment Of Asthma!

treatment of asthmaIf you are diagnosed with asthma, you have to control the asthma and treatment of asthma should be taken immediately.

You should consult a doctor for the treatment of asthma. The treatment includes allergy tests, regular check ups and medications.

Allergy tests for the treatment of asthma:

Sometimes, you may notice that the common irritants don’t trigger your condition and if you start to keep an asthma journal, you find that specific foods are associated with your asthma events.

If specific foods are the causes of asthma, your doctor refers to a dietician who performs allergy tests. The allergy tests most commonly involve skin prick tests where a tiny amount of the ingredient is applied to the skin just underneath the top most layers.

You will have an instantaneous reaction and the area of the skin around the skin prick will become inflamed if you are allergic to the particular ingredient. As small amount of ingredient is used, it will not affect your asthma anyway. By conducting this test, you will know exactly what triggers your condition.

You can cut the foods that trigger your asthma or reduce the amount of those ingredients until you can tolerate it without having an asthmatic event. The common food allergies associated with asthma are wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanut and other dairy products. You should avoid the food products which you are allergic to, for the treatment of asthma.

Attend regular check ups for the treatment of asthma:

If you have mild or moderate asthma, you should go for annual check up so your doctor can measure your lung function and find out about your condition and how you are coping with the disease.

You have to attend regular check ups as per the appointments made with your doctor to see whether your condition has progressed and whether you need strong medications for the treatment of asthma.

If your symptoms of asthma are worsened, you can explain about your condition in your regular check ups and if you have severe asthma, your doctor may call you more regularly.

If you feel that your medications are not working and your next scheduled appointment date is far, then you can make an early appointment. You should make an appointment with first signs of flu, cold or any kind of infection.

To live with asthma, you should make every effort and include regular trips to the doctor for the treatment of asthma.

Asthma medications for the treatment of asthma:

You should follow the medications on time for the treatment of asthma. Many people ignore in taking their medications on proper time. As they don’t follow medications, they suffer regularly with distressing symptoms.

There are two types of medication for the treatment of asthma: relievers and preventers. Reliever medications can be taken by you if you have mild asthma. Relievers can be taken at any time and will have instant results if taken properly.

Preventers need to be taken regularly; once in the morning and again in the evening. You should use the inhalers properly and as well as on time. You can get the maximum effect if you breathe in deeply as you inhale the contents of the inhaler and hold your breath for five seconds before breathing out.

With proper treatment of asthma, you can alleviate the symptoms of asthma and can avoid emergency room visits and hospitalization.



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