Aromatherapy To Treat Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes serious breathing problems and severe discomfort for the affected person.

It can be triggered by stress, anxiety, exercise, cold air and even perfumes. Be very cautious how you deal with it, as it can turn into a life-threatening problem for anyone.

Various treatment options and alternative methods are available for asthma treatment including aromatherapy, using essential oils.

Even though many asthmatics say that aromatherapy can exacerbate asthma, essential oils offer promising results if used in appropriate way.

How aromatherapy works to treat asthma?

Aromatherapy is most helpful in the treatment of asthma because many essential oils have calming and soothing effects that encourage ease of breathing. Most essential oils are absorbed into the cell’s lining of respiratory passages and work well on respiratory ailments.

If you suffer from serious asthma attacks or the scents or smell of essential oils cause attack, it is better to use oils topically by rubbing rather than inhaling them.

How safe is aromatherapy?

While essential oils offer promising results, caution must be exercised when choosing them. Eucalyptus oil, in particular, should be strictly avoided.

Try to consult an experienced aromatherapist and learn more about the properties of essential oils to ensure you get the right treatment for your asthma problem.



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