Asthma Alternative Medicine For Asthma Relief!

Asthma Alternative MedicineOften complementary and alternative therapies are used by the people who are suffering with asthma.

The main reason why people prefer asthma alternative medicine is due to the side effects of steroids.

Most of the parents prefer to use one or more forms of alternative therapy to treat their child’s asthma. They can be herbs, massage, vitamins and supplements.

Often alternative treatments are used alone, but complementary treatments are used in combination with traditional treatments which your doctor suggests.

Which asthma alternative medicine helps effectively?

Yoga therapy:

Yoga and relaxation techniques are used for proper functioning of lungs by affecting muscles, breathing and emotional processes.

Breathing exercises in yoga helps to control breathing and also relieves stress which is the common asthma trigger. This asthma alternative medicine reduces the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks.

The simple relaxation methods and exercises in yoga can help you in regulating breathing patterns and improves your lung function. Don’t make yoga as a substitute for your conventional treatment. It is better to consult a medical practitioner before beginning yoga practice.

Acupuncture Therapy:

Acupuncture has also proved as an effective treatment for asthma. If you want to use acupuncture as asthma alternative medicine, it is better to use it in addition to your conventional treatment rather than a replacement.

Acupuncture helps to improves immune response of those people who are taking anti asthma medications. At present, no evidence is supporting the acupuncture as asthma alternative medicine.

Massage therapy:

When children and adults who are suffering with asthma took this asthma alternative medicine, it helped to reduce the anxiety related to asthma, improved lung function and symptoms of asthma.

Sweet Basil and Marjoram are the oils that are helpful for respiratory system and reduce the frequency of asthma attack. These oils also help to soothe the nerves and also relieve anxiety and depression.

One precaution with these oils is, don’t use them for children or if you are a pregnant.


Probiotics are potentially beneficial bacteria that usually exist in healthy gut. You will find different types of probiotics. Yogurt, which is a good source of probiotics helps to reduce inflammation and also reduce allergic symptoms.


This asthma alternative medicine is a technique that helps you to control involuntary physical responses. This technique improves lung function and decrease the need of medications for asthma.

This controls your heart rate variability which again influences your lung function and also airway flow resistance.

The above methods are used as asthma alternative medicine for controlling the symptoms of asthma.



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