Asthma Homeopathy To identify The Root Cause Of Asthma Attacks!

Asthma HomeopathyAsthma homeopathy is an alternative asthma treatment which uses natural methods for asthma cure.

There is no use of drugs for asthma attacks in asthma homeopathy.

The main purpose of asthma homeopathy is to identify the main root cause of asthma attacks.

Asthma drugs and medications only stop or reduce the symptoms of asthma but cannot find out the real cause of asthma.

Asthma homeopathy is a long term solution to asthma attack and aims to strengthen the person’s immune system by natural supplements.

Asthma homeopathy treatment varies from person to person and the frequency of asthma attacks. Homeopathy treatment helps the persons suffering from asthma develop an enhanced immune system as they manage to keep their symptoms under control and their body resistance at a high level.

Asthma homeopathy treatments:

Arsenicum album: If a person feels exhausted, restless and anxious, this remedy is used. If the person’s breathing problem is worsened while lying down and become intense at night, this asthma homeopathy is helpful. If there is dry wheezing, person feeling thirsty and burning pains in the chest, this remedy is useful.

Chamomilla: If a person suffering with asthma has dry, hard cough that starts after being exposed to air or after becoming overexcited and angry, this asthma homeopathy remedy is helpful. If the cough is often worse at night, person is hypersensitive, irritable and agitated, this remedy is used.

Pulsatilla: If a person starts wheezing when he gets too warm, or after eating rich food, this asthma homeopathy remedy is useful. If the coughing brings yellow colored mucus with gagging and choking, tightness in the chest worsens in the evening and night, and relieved by cool fresh air, then this homeopathic treatment is helpful.

Nux vomica: When a person feels tense and constricted feeling in the chest during asthma attacks with pressure in the stomach, problems worsening in the morning, and strong spicy foods worsening the episode, this asthma homeopathy treatment is helpful. If a person is irritable and impatient with a feeling of chilliness, then this treatment is useful.

Spongia tosta: If a person is having hard and barking cough during an asthma attack, labored breathing and not much mucus, then this remedy can be used. When a person feels best after sitting up and tilting the head back or when leaning forward and the problem appear while the person is asleep, this remedy is used.

Asthma homeopathy shows results in someone very quickly while in others it may take a longer time. If you have decided to use asthma homeopathy treatment, then you should visit homeopathy practitioner who decides a plan which satisfies your needs. Asthma homeopathy does not interfere with the medicines especially if the person’s attacks needs prescribed drugs.

But, there are still claims that homeopathy is unable to provide relief to several patients suffering from asthma. So, it is better to use asthma homeopathy after consulting the homeopathy practitioner and inform your doctor about using homeopathy medicines.



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