Asthma Steroids Ineffective For Virus Induced Wheezing In Preschoolers

According to researchers, giving oral steroids for children suffering with viral induced wheezing or other infections is ineffective than a placebo.

An experimental treatment designed to prevent viral induced wheezing may be effective, but it appears to pose too many adverse effects to be recommended.

It has been estimated that almost one-third preschoolers are developing viral induced wheezing, which has become a worrying issue for parents.

In any case, almost 75% of overall kids develop wheezing problem by 6 years of age. Earlier doctors used to treat wheezing with asthma steroids and often use corticosteroids for the treatment.

According to Dr. Jonathan Grigg of Queen Mary University in London, “if your little kid is sick it doesn’t essentially mean that you shouldn’t give medications or steroids.

But giving steroids to children with wheezing either at home or at doctor’s clinic with moderate wheezing that doesn’t require many days in the hospital will not be beneficial for solving the problem. However, it would be extremely beneficial if steroids works, but wheezing in preschool children is very different from allergic asthma attack in adults or children”.

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