Bee Pollen Helps In Improving The Symptoms Of Allergies And Asthma!

Bee Pollen and AsthmaFind out the relation between bee pollen and asthma. Many allergies such as asthma and hay fever are caused by inhaling pollen.

When bee pollen is taken internally, it boosts the immune system. There is a big difference between inhaled pollen and bee pollen.

The high quality blended, multifloral collected pollen helps reduce airborne allergies and hay fever, because it helps to enhance the overall system and contains naturally occurring antihistamines including quercetin.

Bee pollen and asthma:

Bee pollen and asthma! Many people with asthma and hay fever take bee pollen safely and effectively. 73% of patients with hay fever averaged a 75 percent improvement when given bee pollen orally.

78 percent of asthma patients averaged a 75 percent improvement in taking the bee pollen orally. 17.8 percent patients with hay fever and 33.3 percent patients with asthma showed a complete hundred percent improvement with bee pollen.

Quercetin, which is present in bee pollen, releases histamine in the body. It is one of the contributing factors in decreasing asthma and hay fever condition.

Bee pollen and asthma treatment: contents of bee pollen!

Bee pollen contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, co-enzymes, and hormones. Bee pollen is rich in vitamin B complex and antioxidants, including selenium, lycopene, vitamin E, beta carotene, vitamin C and several flavonoids.

It consists of carbohydrates 55%, proteins 35%, vitamins and minerals 3%, fatty acids 2% and other substances 5%. It is one of the nutritious substances with complete natural substances.

Bee pollen also provides anti-oxidants that scavenge free radicals caused by exposure to radiation, chemical pollutants and intense physical or emotional stress.

Bee pollen and asthma treatment: working of bee pollen!

As allergy shot helps the allergy sufferer, bee pollen and asthma work in the same way. By introducing the allergen in small amounts it prepares the body for the next time it is introduced.

This causes your body to stop producing or to slow down the production of histamine that causes allergic reaction.

By allowing allergen, your body produces antibodies that will cancel the effects of offensive substance next time it is introduced into the body. It strengthens the respiratory system which builds a shield against future allergic reactions.

Bee pollen and asthma treatment benefits:

The benefit of bee pollen and asthma treatment is that bee pollen has been known to strengthen the respiratory system, is a supply of protein that helps the body in building a natural defense against allergic reactions.

When taken daily, bee pollen prevents deficiencies, accumulation of toxins in the body that are picked up from foods and environments, helps to boost immune system and helps in preventing the disease. If you are an asthma sufferer, bee pollen should only be taken on the medical advice of a doctor.



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