Cannabis For Asthma?

herb CannabisMany people are anxious to find natural or herbal methods of dealing with asthma, and in the event the herb Cannabis is also considered by some to be a promising alternative therapy for asthma.

Known by a number of other names such as grass, marijuana, weed, dope etc., cannabis is not usually spoken of for its curative properties, but it is actually known to have some medicinal qualities when taken in prescribed forms and quantities.

The use of cannabis for treating asthma is of course controversial and it should never be taken without the guidance of a medical practitioner and certainly not without having evaluated, the condition that one is suffering from.

Some herbalists do however suggest that cannabis be consumed orally in the form of herb extract which can be either cooked with food or eaten by itself.

It does however need an unctuous medium for it to be able to dissolve, so it should be mixed in some sort of fat; butter is known to be most popular.

While no dosage of cannabis is known to have caused a fatality, it is something that is to be used with a great deal of circumspection and not without the prescription and guidance of a certified herbalist.



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