Essential Oils May Be Useful In Dealing With Asthma

Many asthmatics would be right to balk at the thought of strong smells which could actually trigger an attack[asthma attack] rather than soothe their condition.

However, with some care and attention to the quality of oils used, it may be possible for asthmatics to actually benefit from essential oils:

  • Since inhalation of impure or low grade oils can trigger asthma, they should be used very carefully and under supervision by asthmatics. Those who’s asthma is stable and in control could find that essential oils of good quality and purity may help.
  • Taking aroma oils such as lemon or oregano or the ‘Thieves Blend’ internally is seen as being able to strengthen the immune system and so may be very effective in controlling asthma. Since this method does not tax the respiratory system it may also be safer.
  • The principles of reflexology suggest that essential oils be applied to the soles of the feet for effective asthma control. Also what you apply on your foot is not able to be smelled by the nose; particularly when covered with socks and shoes. The essential oils are directed to be applied to soles of the feet below the toes and on about a third of the area towards the top.


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