First FDA Approved Treatment For Asthma Not Centered On Using Medication

If you are living with Asthma, you know that not every treatment works for every individual. This is why researchers are always looking for new treatments to help in the fight to not only breathe better, but also live a better life because you can breathe better.

It was reported in a press release on April 27 2010 by Asthmatx, a leading researcher in Asthma treatments, that their new bronchial thermoplasty (BT), using the Alair® System for delivery, was approved by the FDA. This treatment is used for controlling severe asthma and it was used for the first time on a patient in the area of Washington DC.

How it Works

This treatment uses a controlled thermal energy system to alleviate the constriction of the airway muscles asthma patients suffer from; one of the causes associated with loss of ability to breathe in asthma sufferers. Using this method, the airways cannot constrict as they normally would during a severe asthma attack, thus still allowing the patient to breathe well.

Proven Record

The research behind the treatment is a proven five-year long study, which has shown that the effects of the treatment itself are not only safe, but controls certain types of asthma that medication cannot over the long-term. The safety risks are shown to be minimal, and long-term benefit outweighs any risks involved in most cases.

The Researchers Involved

The Doctors involved in the investigation of this asthma research include David R. Duhamel, M.D. who is the Director of Pulmonary Special Procedures and the Lung Cancer Center at Virginia hospital Center and Jeff B. Hales, M.D, who is Chief of the Division of Pulmonary Care and Sleep Medicine at the same hospital.

The two doctors believe this treatment to be one of the best new breakthroughs in medicine for controlling stubborn asthma symptoms.



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