High Doses Of Inhaled Corticosteroids Reduce Severity Of Asthma Attacks In Preschoolers

inhaled corticosteroidsAccording to largest study led by Dr. Francine Ducharme, assistant director of clinical research at the Sainte-Justine Hospital Research Center and a pediatrics professor at the Université de Montréal, high doses of inhaled corticosteroids is effective for reducing the duration and severity of asthma attacks in preschoolers that is triggered by common cold.

The team of researchers found that high doses of corticosteroids when taken at the onset of common cold for almost 10 days continuously can reduce the number of severe or moderate asthma attacks, which may require emergency oral steroids.

This is the first study to clearly demonstrate the treatment efficiency or efficacy in preschoolers requiring of oral corticosteroids or hospital admission because of serious asthma attack.

Even through viral induced asthma attack is frequent in preschoolers, optimal management of the disease remain subtle and that’s the reason for the researchers to focus their research on enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment for asthma affected young children.

The basic asthma treatment that includes administering a 7 day doses of oral steroids on daily basis, has not proven effective for children with viral induced asthma.

The study included almost 2243 young children with asthma. Approximately 17% met the criteria of having asthma, which is triggered only by cold, no signs of allergy and had not experienced moderate to severe asthma attack or symptoms between colds.

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