How Natural Asthma Remedy Solutions Work?

asthma remedyNow-a-days people are turning to natural asthma remedy solutions and herbal remedy solutions to treat various diseases and asthma is one among them.

Although prescription medications cannot be replaced, but there are number of asthma remedy solutions which are natural and can help alleviate symptoms of asthma.

These natural asthma remedy solutions control your condition so that the prescription drugs daily dosages can be reduced.

Asthma remedies to help treat symptoms of asthma:

Garlic is one of the asthma remedy which has been used for many years to treat various diseases.

Raw garlic helps to clear mucus from the chest and help with wheezing and coughing. It also helps to cure cold which is a major factor of asthma.

You can include garlic in every day cooking and this will be beneficial on your breathing and many other health aspects.

Parsley is one of the asthma remedy easily made into tea and used as an expectorant. It helps in passage of air to become easier by releasing phlegm in the throat and bronchial tubes. That’s why it has been from many years to treat mild symptoms of asthma.

Chamomile is one of the asthma remedy which is known for its soothing effect on smooth muscles making it as a good bronchodilator and it has 120 ingredients. Chamomile is available in capsule form or it can be used as tea before bed time.

It has anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it to prefer for the symptoms of asthma. You may have allergic reaction to this herb, so consult a doctor before using it as a asthma remedy.

Home asthma remedy solutions:

  • Mix two to three basil leaves with honey and consume every morning. It is effective asthma remedy for treating symptoms of asthma.
  • Roast gram and mix with milk and take just before going to bed. This helps in cleaning the respiratory tract.
  • Mix lemon juice with garlic and consume it daily once.
  • Boil six cloves in half a cup of water and take a teaspoonful of this decoction with honey thrice a day.

The other asthma remedy solutions that can be used to help treat symptoms of asthma are green tea, nettle, elderberry, liquorice and horseradish. Some of the herbs may have side effects, so if you want to take them consult a herbal practitioner before taking these herbs.

Some of the herbs are used as inhalant where few drops of essential oil are mixed into a bowl of hot water and the steam is breathed into lungs.

Some of the herbs can be used as tea or tincture. You can produce tea by soaking herb in hot water for twenty minutes and staining the solid matter out. You can produce tincture by mixing alcohol and water to draw the beneficial ingredients out of the herbs.

Tinctures can be made in three weeks but once they are ready, they are stronger and have much effect than the herbal tea.

There are many asthma remedy solutions, but it is highly recommended that before taking any herb, consult a herbal practitioner and discuss about the safety of the herbs.



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