How Successfully Does Homeopathy Manage Asthma?

People who have asthma know how scary an attack can be and would constantly like to be vigilant about managing asthma as best possible. It is likely you have considered homeopathy to help manage asthma, however it would be a valid question to ask, does homeopathy for asthma really work?

Homeopathy for asthma has been met with varying degrees of success. This is because the physiology of each person’s asthma and also their respective triggers are different.

The basic principle of homeopathy is to offer a medication dose in a very small quantity and thereby encourage the body’s own immune strengthen itself and resist attacks in the form of infection etc.

So in homeopathy, factors such as triggers, allergens, frequency and severity of attacks are all considered before formulating a strategy for curing the underlying problems that cause asthma in a given person.

The homeopath will ideally seek to find a cure for a person’s asthma by trying to balance and reinforce the person’s immune system, and consequently help them combat their asthma.

An exhaustive patient history recording exact symptoms and kind of attack and their frequency would be prepared and then medication is administered.

Hence many find that their asthma is very well controlled by homeopathy, while others find that the converse is true.



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