How To Control Asthma Triggers At Home?

Creating a healthy environment at home is very important for everyone, particularly for those who suffer from asthma. It is, however, impossible to control the outside triggers of the illness.

You consequently have to be extra careful when controlling asthma triggers around your home.

To control asthma successfully, you first have to identify the potential triggers of asthma in your environment and follow certain measures to completely eliminate them from your living space.

Tips to control asthma triggers at home:

Avoid smoking: There are almost 4,000 chemicals in smoking products that can cause harm to your lungs. These powerful irritants can linger on walls, clothing and furniture and in your home’s duct work. Avoid smoking in your home at all costs.

Use exhaust fans: Cooking smoke that contains grease carried by air currents settles on surfaces to create a sticky film. This aerosolized oil possibly triggers asthma. It is preferable for you to use exhaust fans in your kitchens and fireplaces to eliminate smoke from your home.

Avoid home air purifiers: Home air-purifiers trigger asthma flare-ups as they produce ozone in your home. Choose other alternatives to purify air in your home.

These are only a few possible measures to control asthma triggers in your home. Explore other methods and make your home a healthy place to live in.



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