Is It Safe To Use Asthma Steroids For The Treatment Of Asthma?

Asthma SteroidsAsthma steroids are inflammatory drugs. Asthma steroids prevent swelling of air passages in your lungs which allows more air get into your lungs.

Asthma steroids which are used to treat asthma are called corticosteroids.

If your asthma symptoms become severe, your doctor prescribes asthma steroids for a short period. [Asthma Drugs]

Asthma steroids work quickly and help to calm your inflamed airways.

Short courses of steroids are used to treat acute asthma attacks and are also used for emergency treatment of asthma attacks.

There are three ways you can take asthma steroids: by breathing, by injection and by tablets.

By breathing: Breathing is the safest way of taking steroids. The drug goes directly to the lungs where it is needed. There could not be many side effects. You can also take steroids using inhaler.

By injection: Injection cause pain and also need to be given by doctor or nurse. You get a bigger dose of steroids in your body with an injection. You may get more side effects than breathing.

By tablets: Tablets are easy to take. When you take the tablet, the drug gets to the whole body. So you can get extra side effects by tablet form.

Corticosteroids are hormones that your body naturally produces. It reduces the inflammation in the airways. Inhaled corticosteroids are considered to be safe. As it is inhaled, the medicine goes directly into the lungs where it reduces the inflammation in the airways.

Side effects from inhaled corticosteroids are minor compared to the side effects from steroid tablets.

Asthma steroids side effects:

If you are taking steroid tablets for short periods, there are usually no problems. Sometimes, you can have increased appetite and mood changes. Some people suffer from fluid retention and indigestion.

If you are taking asthma steroids in tablet form for long periods, you can see increased appetite and weight gain, thinning of the bones leading to bone fractures, slow down of growth in children, easy bruising of skin, slow healing of cuts, puffiness of the face, stomach ulcers, and cataracts in the eyes.

When you are taking regular tablet asthma steroids, your adrenal gland become lazy and makes less of its own natural steroids. This means you have less ability to cope with infections or deal with physical stress.

Breathing asthma steroids can cause sore throat, hoarse voice and infection in your mouth or throat.

Preventing side effects of asthma steroids:

Keep the steroid dose low. Use your asthma inhaler correctly. Measure your peak flow everyday. When inhaled steroids are used, rinse the mouth with water to protect from discomfort and to remove any medicine left out in the mouth.

Low amounts of inhaled steroids are generally considered to be the best option for asthma control.

Long term treatment with asthma steroid tablets is only needed in a small number of people with asthma.



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