Know How To Use And How To Take Care Of Asthma Nebulizers!

Asthma NebulizersAsthma medication that is commonly prescribed is asthma inhalers.

Some age groups like infants and young children may have a problem with taking asthma medication through inhalers, so when inhalers are not opted, asthma nebulizers will be given to treat the asthma patients.

Asthma nebulizers change the asthma medication from a liquid to a mist. These nebulizers comprise air compressor, nebulizer cup, mouthpiece (mask), medication, and compressor tubing. Doctor’s prescription is must before purchasing an asthma nebulizer.

In order to operate asthma nebulizers, you will need to do following.

  • Before taking medication through asthma nebulizers, wash your hands with soap, rinse with water, and dry your hands completely.
  • First, carefully measure the medication as instructed and put the medication into the nebulizer cup.
  • Close the nebulizer cup and attach the mask or mouthpiece.
  • Now, connect the nebulizer cup to the air compressor by using provided tubing.
  • After connecting the nebulizer cup, turn on the air compressor to confirm whether it is working by seeing the mist from the back of the tube opposite to mask.
  • After confirming, place the mask on the face and breath slowly until the medication in the nebulizer cup is complete. Taking hold of two to three seconds before breathing out likely helps in settling the medication in airways.

Breathing treatment by using asthma nebulizers usually takes about five to ten minutes of time. Some people may experience dizziness while taking the nebulizer treatment. If so, stop taking treatment, rest for five minutes, and again start continuing the treatment (breath slowly).

Still if the dizziness continues, then it is necessary to consult the physician for any other alternative treatment.

On the other hand, cleaning the asthma nebulizer equipment is necessary and it is very simple. Remember to clean the equipment in a dust free area. After the treatment, clean the nebulizer cup by rinsing with warm water.

Cleaning the nebulizer cup and mouthpiece with soap water after each and every treatment is important. At the same time, for every three days disinfect the nebulizer equipment using disinfectant solution or vinegar after cleaning the nebulizer.

Make sure that compressor is covered with a clean cloth when not in use and medication is stored in a cool and dry place. Keep an extra nebulizer cup and mask or mouthpiece and replace the air compressor from the equipment supplier as directed.

Taking proper care of asthma nebulizers help to avoid infections from dirt and helps to control the asthma.

There are different types and sizes of asthma nebulizers, but they all function alike. These equipments will get at different prices, but remember to have a demonstration of asthma nebulizers before buying it and check with your insurance company whether they are covering.

Asthma nebulizers are commonly recommended for people who are severely suffering from asthma, young children, and people who are unable to use inhalers. These nebulizers are meant to provide best asthma control.

If you find any problem with asthma nebulizers, consult your doctor for treatment options.



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