Limits On Certain Asthma Drugs Called For By FDA

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) expressed the need to place certain limits on some bronchial medications that are used in the treatment of asthma.

asthma drugsThese drugs which contain both long-acting beta agonists, also known as LABAs, and inhaled corticosteroids are used by millions of Americans and are known to increase risk of complications that result in hospitalizations and in some cases even death.

The FDA called upon physicians who prescribe these to switch their patients away from these medications on to other alternatives.

The recommendation by FDA is patients should use medications that contain only corticosteroids and if possible other asthma relieving medication. If it is not possible to cut out the LABA containing medications altogether then they should be prescribed for use for only the minimum required time.

It will now be made mandatory for the manufacturers to put a warning on the labels in order to inform consumers of the possible dangers associated with the LABA containing medications. The idea is to permit the drug to be available for use of those that really need it, while discouraging unnecessary use, particularly when efficacious alternatives could be found.

Source: latimes



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