Natural Remedies For Asthma To Improve Your Breathing Process!

asthma problemAre you worried with your asthma problem? Living with asthma can become most inconvenient for you.

This is because of the reason that asthma can happen at any time.

It can potentially hinder your breathing process and creates worst situation for you.

So, it is very essential for you to control your asthma triggers as possible as you can to live a healthy lifestyle.

When your asthma medication doesn’t work effectively, it is better for you to go natural.

You can also consider these natural remedies along with your regular medications to get much better relief. Some of the most effective natural remedies for asthma can mainly include:

  1. Honey: This is one of the most effective natural remedies for asthma. It is believed that if a jug of honey is held under your nose and the air that comes in contact with the honey is inhaled, you can feel your breathing much better than before. Usually, this effect lasts only for an hour. If you want much better relief you can have honey with milk or water.
  2. Bitter gourd root: One of the most popular remedies for asthma is using bitter gourd roots to treat your asthma problem. Many asthma individuals are using this root from many centuries to get better relief from asthma condition. To use this root in the treatment of asthma, all that you need to do is make paste of bitter gourd root and mix 1 teaspoon of this paste with another teaspoon of honey. Consume this mixture every night for 30 days continuously and notice the difference.
  3. Dry figs: Dry figs clear the infectious mucus from your bronchial tubes and even certain phlegmatic cases of cough and asthma can be treated successfully using dry figs. Soak 3 or4 clean dry figs in warm water over night and take the solution every morning with empty stomach.
  4. Bromelain: It is an extract substance of pineapples. This bromelain has certain anti-inflammatory properties that can cure asthma symptoms. But be aware, if you are allergic to pineapples, it is not recommended to take this particular extract of pineapple.

Implement these natural remedies along with well-balanced diet. Even, practicing exercises can greatly help you to prevent frequent asthma attacks. Try to practice regular exercises by seeking proper support from experienced fitness expert.

When you feel that your asthma medications are not working effectively, consult your doctor and make necessary changes in your regular asthma medications to get better relief.



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