New Alair Asthma Device Awaits FDA Approval

asthma1If a new device receives FDA approval it could bring great relief to asthmatics in America and offer another weapon in the fight to control the debilitating illness.

The instrument called the Alair is already being used across Europe.

It uses thin tubing to heat the passages that provide the lungs with air also destroying muscle tissue thereby reducing the constriction of the airway.

Researchers found that the device resulted in people having a greater number of days with no asthma symptoms. This was compared to others that got a placebo instead.

The study looked at nearly three hundred severe sufferers, in six different countries, split between the placebo and the Alair.

Their progress was followed for twelve months and the results are significant, especially as these patients are very restricted in terms of the options available to them,

The device is made by a Californian company called Asthmatx Inc and the test showed a massive eighty four percent reduction in ER visits and a thirty two percent drop in extreme attacks. Also patients did not to take sick days from school or work.

The leader of the study, Dr. Mario Castro of Washington University was delighted to reveal that seventy nine percent of those receiving the Alair treatment had a marked improvement in their condition.

Castro explained that those studied took drugs like Advair, which is inhaled and combines a beta-agonist and corticosteroid. If allergies were the cause of the condition then drugs like Novartis and Xolair were also an option.



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