Number Of Effective Treatments In Asthma Cure

asthma cureThere have been number of advances in the understanding of asthma over the years and the research is still going on.

Even though there is still no asthma cure, there are number of effective treatments that can minimize the symptoms of asthma.

Asthma cure enabled many asthmatics to lead a normal and active life.

Asthma cure with flu-shot:

If you are diagnosed with asthma, you will have the opportunity to receive an annual flu-shot which immunizes against the newest form of flu.

It is important that you should go to your appointment when called.

The virus that causes the flu develops each year, so the shot you had last year will not protect this year’s flu.

If you had asthma for a while, you will know that even a simple cold can make your life miserable, so contracting the flu in severe cases of asthma can be very dangerous.

If there is any infection which affects the lungs and trachea, it will cause major problem for you, so you should limit the chances of picking up an infection or of contracting the flu.

Asthma cure with dehumidifier:

The main cause of asthma is dust mites. If you clean your house with vacuum cleaner, it can help to reduce the problem within the home but there will be always large number of dust particles left behind regardless of how hard you try to get rid of them.

A dehumidifier can lower the humidity levels in the home and dust mites find it difficult to reproduce. If you follow good hygiene, the number of dust mites present in bedding, cushions, mattresses are reduced and the frequency you suffer from asthma will be reduced.

If you feel the symptoms of asthma in the bedroom such as mattresses and bedding, you can use a portable dehumidifier in the corner of the room. It can greatly improve your breathing if you are allergic to house hold dust mites.

Asthma cure with natural remedies:

There are number of natural herbal remedies that help to ease your breathing. Before using any herbal remedies, consult the doctor as they can occasionally affect your prescription medications you are already taking for your asthma and associated medical conditions.

The herbal remedies don’t have any drug interactions and may cause mild allergic reactions. If you have any allergic reactions, you can stop using the herbs. Herb steam inhalations which are used for asthma cure help to ease congestion in the lungs and trachea and can be taken in the daytime or nighttime.

If you have cold or phlegm cough, herbs are helpful in loosening the phlegm and making it easier to get necessary air to the lungs.

These herbs help you to relax and release tension and stress of the day, which are the factors of asthma attacks. You can use eucalyptus oil as a steam inhalation whenever you feel chest tightness or wheezy.

You can use ginger tea as asthma cure which is mixed with crushed garlic. It can be taken twice daily for asthma cure and keep asthma under control.



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