Over The Counter Asthma Medication! Are They Effective?

asthma medicationBefore the current prescription medications were developed, asthma was largely treated with asthma medication such as Epinephrine and Ephedrine.

These were the effective medicines once for the asthma treatment and these can be still bought over-the-counter from many pharmacies.

Both Epinephrine and ephedrine acts by relaxing the smooth muscles of the airways and thereby opening up the airways and allowing air to flow in and out of the lungs more easily.

But these drugs are not nearly as strong as prescription drugs and are suitable for mild asthma that exhibits asthma symptoms once or twice in a week.

If you are experiencing the symptoms often and the regular dose of epinephrine and ephedrine has little or no effect, then it is suggested that you seek a proper medical attention.

Epinephrine is an over-the-counter asthma medication available in a variety of concentrations which can be taken with an inhaler or a solution with saline through a nebulizer.

Before using this type of asthma medication, it is important to read the ingredients carefully as these medications often contain preservatives to which you may be allergic. It means you trigger a serious asthma attack while trying to treat mild symptoms with this asthma medication.

If the treatment with epinephrine is successful, you begin to feel relief in five minutes. But, if you are using the epinephrine over time and with repeated inhalations, the effect of epinephrine to treat your symptoms will become progressively less.

Ephedrine is an over-the-counter asthma medication taken as a tablet or capsule and it acts slower than epinephrine. Usually it takes about twenty to sixty minutes to get relief. When you are using for the first time, it can cause irritation so it may not be suitable if you have moderate symptoms.

If you are using this asthma medication over time, it no longer works and medical advice is needed.

Ephedrine is absorbed into the body and there is a much chance of reactions than epinephrine. The side effects of ephedrine asthma medication include

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Rapid heart beat

Both epinephrine and ephedrine interact with drugs that are being taken for other medical conditions, so if you are thinking of using this asthma medication, consult the doctor before doing it.

You should not use epinephrine and ephedrine asthma medication if thick mucus or sputum develops and a persistent or chronic cough occurs with asthma. These may be the signs of lung infection and require a medical attention. If these drugs do not relieve your symptoms within ten to sixty minutes or if your symptoms worsen, medical attention is needed immediately.

Over-the-counter medications Epinephrine and ephedrine are used under the guidance of a physician. You should switch to prescription asthma medication if: if your asthma is moderate or severe, if you are using regular doses of epinephrine and ephedrine to relieve from symptoms, if your asthma attacks occur once or more per week and if your asthma events occur at night.



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