How to Prevent Asthma through Yoga

Asthma is a chronic disease of airflow obstruction to your lungs which lead to shortness of breath, chest tightness and wheezing. Genetic factors in combination with environmental factors can be cause of this disease. Yoga is an extremely beneficial option to you to get relieved from asthma. Yoga is a technique of stress-relieving through gentle stretches and slower pace.


Recent research shows that 57 adults in a mass group who were having asthma got a beneficial improvement of lung function through yoga. To integrate yoga into your daily routine you can begin with the following steps.


It is recommended for asthma relief as it provides relief to stress and helps in breathing management. You have to lie down on your back putting your arms at your side and open up your feet and palm.

You have to bring down your breath and slower the pace closing your eyes and softening your jaws. You should be completely relaxed in this pose and stay for 5-to minutes maintaining rhythmic breath.


It is a great exercise to assist your lung function and aid in asthma patients in particular. To get started with this yoga posture you have to sit by crossing your legs. If the posture seems difficult then tuck in a towel and place it in your tailbone position to get support.

Place your right hand on your chest and left on your belly to lift your chest in correct posture. Slowly breathe out and hold this posture for at least 5 minutes.

Forward bending

pose can provide you relief from asthma trouble. You have to fold your body forward to bend a little on your knees without straining your lower back. Try to hold each elbow with the opposite one and kep your body in somewhat hanging position for 5 minutes with slow breathing pace and closed eyes.


It is another stretching exercise for asthma patients. It is one of the most relaxed postures to asthma relief. You have to sit in a manner where your leg will resemble the picture of wings of butterfly. You have to grip your ankles to drag your hills to hips. You can use your elbows to press down knees and bend your body to inhale and exhale unless you take atleast 5 deep breaths.

Straddled splits

It involve stretching of your upper body which will provide relief asthma patients. Try to straddle your legs as wide as you can, flexing your heels. Inhale reaching your hands up and exhale bending your body forward with help of hands. You should take 5 deep breaths while doing this posture.


It is another form of yoga for asthma sufferers. Paralleling your arms with your body you have to lie flat on your back. Your feet should be under your knees and then you have to try to lift your butt up off the floor. You can press yourself towards your back with the help of your shoulder. This posture should be continued for 30 seconds to 1 minute and start exhaling while you get back to the starting posture.

You can end up your yoga schedule with pranayama. To get relaxed, sit with crossed legs and manage your neck, spine and head in a straight line. Focus on your breathing pattern with some fast and slow inhaling and exhaling.

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