Radical New Treatment For Asthmatics

For asthmatics, a new and radical treatment is now an option: this involves having a wire inserted into the lungs to actually melt away some of the tissue that causes the airways to squeeze and shut the airways, which is what causes breathing difficulties.

Before you rush to find the nearest place offering this treatment, it is important to understand that this is not a treatment for every asthmatic. If you or someone in your knowledge suffers from wheezing despite all possible medications being administered, they may be a correct candidate for this procedure; i.e. severe asthmatics.

asthma patientThis is because this new treatment can be risky, and it is not something that offers a permanent cure of any sort.

It is a novel and innovative treatment but can be so only for the right patient.

This is known as Bronchial Thermoplasty or the Alair System which, for the first time, seeks to physically alter airways that are prone to spasm.

This may well help a lot of asthmatics live with asthma and help to improve the quality of their lives.

Seeing that as many as 22 million Americans have asthma and that 4000 people die as a result of asthma, any new development in Asthma management is always welcome.

Source: Boston



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