How to Stop the Wheezing Without Medication

An asthma attack can be disturbing to say the least – it can limit the activities you can enjoy and put acrimp on your quality of life. Controlling and managing asthma is the key to a happier, more fulfilling life. While medications can and do help, many people choose to take more natural approaches to managing the wheezing that asthma causes.

Identify and avoid triggers

Wheezing-without-medicationThis is one of the most significant ways to manage and control asthma. Exercise or exertion can be a trigger, cold air, dry air, various allergens and even emotional upsets can be triggers. Identify all of these and try to manage conditions and environments, such as indoor air quality as best as possible.

Buteyko Breathing technique

Studies on this point tend to be at variance with some suggesting that this breathing technique is very effective for controlling asthma and yet others questioning its efficacy. However quality of life is often seen to improve when this breathing technique is learned and practiced because it can lower severity and frequency of wheezingsymptoms.


Since yoga also incorporates breathing techniques and also improves overall fitness it can help with the wheezing too. Yoga can help asthmatics lower their stress levels (stress is frequently seen to be a trigger). Certain yogic breathing exercises may help control the episodes of wheezing as well.


This alternative technique trains the person in various ways. It teaches a person how to control the heart rate among other things. This may in cases help a person with their wheezing when an asthma attackcomes on.


Magnesium is of course one of the essential nutrients that is vitally important for proper functioning of the body, and is also known to help a person control and end an episode of wheezing. Magnesium is known to relax the air ways in the lungs and prevent spasms that are responsible for the discomfort and wheezing. Ask your doctor more about magnesium which can be administered orally or in cases may be injected too.

Drinking hot liquids

There is some evidence to show that hot liquids can relax the airways and help ease the wheezing. It can also help loosen and expel mucus that could be contributing to the wheezing.

Don’t believe miracle cures

The fact is that there is no ‘cure’ for asthma though various methods will help you manage the condition and lessen severity and frequency of symptoms. So if any natural remedy claims to ‘cure’ asthma treat it with some skepticism.



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