Suffering With Asthma? Asthma Nebulizer to Ease Your Breathing!

asthma nebulizerPeople suffering with asthma find that wide range of irritants cause problems and the dry air that is present in home and at work place only increases the symptoms.

Many people don’t realize that dry air has a harmful effect and cannot remedy the problem.

Asthma nebulizer allows you to breathe air with water vapor added which helps to lubricate the windpipe and wash away the agents that may be causing breathing difficulties.

The term nebulizer is used to describe both the pump that pressurizes the air, and the part that holds and nebulizes the medication.

Nebulizer forces the air through the plastic tube into the plastic nebulizer unit.

Nebulizer unit acts like a perfume atomizer which creates a fine mist that is directed either through a tube that you inhale through or a mask that directs the mist into your nose and mouth.

Asthma nebulizer is used for asthma tratment which delivers a stream of medicated air to the lungs over a period of time. Asthma nebulizer uses a mouthpiece or face mask to deliver medication in the form of a fine mist.

How to use asthma nebulizer?

  • Hose should be connected to the air compressor
  • According to the prescription, fill the medicine cup
  • Hose and mouthpiece should be attached to the medicine cup
  • Mouthpiece should be kept in your mouth and breath through your mouth until all the medicine is used
  • Wash both mouthpiece and medicine cup with water and air dry until your next treatment

People with mild asthma want to invest in asthma nebulizer so that they don’t use inhalers quite as much at home. Asthma nebulizer help with heavy breathing and fewer drugs need to be taken in order to control your asthma symptoms if you are using asthma nebulizer.

Asthma nebulizer may be easier for small children or for people who have serious difficulty in breathing or having trouble in using inhaler.

A nebulizer may not be always the correct choice for delivering medications to children because it is difficult to keep the mask for a length of time on child’s face. It is expensive than an inhaler. It can deliver more medication than needed compared with inhaler.

Improper asthma nebulizer increases asthma risk:

If asthma nebulizer is used improperly, it can lead to serious asthma complications and even death. These machines turn medications into fine, inhaled droplets. When home nebulizer is not used properly, it may actually contribute to person’s death.

Asthma nebulizer must be prescribed by a physician in order to purchase. You have to follow the instructions carefully provided by your physician. Mostly, it will be demonstrated how to use the device before you operate on your own.



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