Which Asthma Drugs Are Used During Pregnancy?

asthma drugsTaking asthma drugs during pregnancy is safe than without taking them.

If you are pregnant, it is better to take asthma drugs to control asthma attack than leaving without treatment as symptoms worsen during pregnancy.

Some of asthma drugs used to control asthma attack during pregnancy are:

Quick relief asthma drugs:

  • Salbutamol is reliever when given in large doses by infusion or injection near the time when the baby is born can delay birth. If the doses are inhaled during pregnancy, it is harmless.
  • Terbutaline or bricanyl functions similar to salbutamol.
  • Short acting beta-agonists are combivent, maxair, xopenex and proventil. Short acting beta agonists provide quick relief by relaxing the smooth muscles around the airways.
  • Oral steroids such as deltasone and medrol are used to decrease the severity of asthma symptoms but should be discontinues as soon as asthma is controlled.

Long acting relievers:

Long acting relievers work in the same way as ordinary relievers such as terbutaline and salbutamol with the difference that long acting relievers stick to the cells in the body on which they act and so work for much longer. The side effects with long acting relievers are increased pulse rate and palpitations.

Long term control asthma drugs:

Long term asthma drugs do not provide immediate relief of symptoms.

  • Theophylline is taken by mouth as a pill or tablet unlike other drugs which are inhaled through nose. This is not broken down by the liver slowly unlike the other inhaled steroids. No harmful effects on unborn child have been described despite the extensive use. Theophylline relaxes the smooth muscles around the airways.
  • Steroid inhalers based on becotide and pulmicort. Common inhaled steroids inhaled during pregnancy are pulmicort, flovent, vanceril, and beclovent. Inhaled steroids prevent and reduce swelling in the airways and decrease the production of mucus.These are the most effective long term asthma drugs which improve asthma symptoms. These are taken in regular basis and cause few side effects.These steroids have been used for many years by women who were pregnant. These steroids in small doses offer protection to the baby from lack of oxygen.
  • Cromolyn and nedocromil. These are not steroids but they are recorded as safe. No harmful effects have been recorded on the babies.Cromolyn and nedocromil are long term asthma drugs available in inhaled forms. These asthma drugs help to prevent asthma symptoms caused by cold air, allergies, and exercise.If used regularly, these drugs help in preventing swelling in the airways. They can also be taken as pre-treatment before exposing to things which make asthma symptoms worse. They are less effective than inhaled steroids.

Steroid tablets or injections:

Steroid tablets are needed only for emergencies such as sudden bad attack of asthma symptoms. Strong steroids affect the unborn child, so always discuss the use of any asthma treatment or asthma drugs with your doctor when you are pregnant or not.



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