A Look At Asthma And Older Patients

Usually asthma is diagnosed fairly early in life so that there are child asthmatics that live restricted lives due to their condition. Asthma is generally known to be a disease of younger people. However, an often overlooked demographic among asthmatics are the people over 40.

patient suffering from breathingWhen a person gets their first asthma attack after the age of 40, it may commonly be put down to other reasons, it could be mistaken for emphysema or bronchitis.

Also, since the possibility of the symptoms being those of asthma is often overlooked, the situation could be exacerbated by medications such as aspirin.

40% of asthma sufferers have their first attack after the age of 40, however, according to Raymond Slavin, M.D., SLUCare allergist and professor of internal medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine this is a condition that often goes undiagnosed.

Due to this it happens very often that seniors are misdiagnosed and fail to receive the treatment that is actually required for their condition. This can compromise quality of life with increased risk of complications and hospitalization.

And this is a pity because asthma is highly treatable among older adults and very effective treatments are available for this.

So if you’re suffering shortness of breath, don’t just put it down to advancing years!



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