Advancing In Asthma Research

Asthma ResearchThe latest asthma research is focusing on the inflammatory reaction that occurs as a response to an allergen because in over ninety percent of people in newly diagnosed asthma cases inflammatory reaction occurs as a response to an allergen.

According to the current asthma research, approximately 15 million Americans are suffering from asthma. Five million people affected are under the age of 18.

Asthma research has shown that most of the asthma cases are related to hospitalizations and all deaths are preventable.

The asthma research at university of Sydney in Australia is trying to stop the harmful cells responsible for the inflammatory reaction from being produced.

Chemical messengers, which are called cytokines, stimulate these cells and current medicines such as steroids act to reduce the concentration of cytokines and stop the inflammatory response.

But the steroids which are used to reduce the concentration of cytokines also affect a number of other tissues in the body and produce side effects.

The asthma research unit at the university is studying how cytokines are produced and how they can stop production and stop inflammatory response.

The asthma research at Woolock institute of medical research are monitoring asthma events which are long term on the lining of airways and how the degree of scarring produced by frequent inflammatory responses can affect how well current medications work.

According to asthma research, asthma attacks occur if a person with asthma is exposed to environments which make asthma worse or does not take proper medications to control asthma or is not properly educated or does not have plan to control asthma symptoms.

According to current asthma research, it addressed a critical problem in controlling asthma in children. In this asthma research, it is explained to reduce the child’s exposure to tobacco through education of the parents or caregivers.

In another asthma research study, it gave outcomes for managing asthma in adults. In this study, it is mentioned that people with asthma take their medications at therapeutically effective doses.

The asthma research will bring people with asthma, their families and carers together to exchange their views in basic asthma research.

According to the asthma research, asthma is caused in children [Asthma in Child] and frequently they use emergency room and hospital admission and it is the leading cause of school absences.

According to the asthma research, despite improvements in diagnosis and management and an increased understanding of the immunology, epidemiology and biology of the disease, existence of asthma has progressively increased over the past fifteen years.

Asthma research is important as it is a major health problem which affects men and women of all age groups and it is also common in children.

According to the asthma research, people get idea of how asthma can be controlled, how to avoid situations with asthma attack and how to take medications properly. The research helps in sharing the ideas with people who are suffering with asthma.



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